Who can accurately predict the most popular design trends for 2019? If you look online, you’ll find myriad lists of what’s hot and what’s not. To be sure, it can be confusing… especially since the lists of experts often contradict one another: Rose gold accents are out… no they’re still in. Minimalism is a thing of the past… but, avoid eclectic clutter.
Interior design trends come and go, but one unifying constant remains: PLANTS.

Plants and flowers play an important role in interior design. They enhance the space without detracting from other important design elements. In addition, it is easy to change plants in and out of a room, depending on the season, the trend, the whim (especially if they are artificial plants!).

According to an article by Timber Press, plants enhance both commercial and residential interior design in these ways:

  • Act as focal points, welcoming people into a room with distinct shapes, sizes or colors. Likewise, plants in groupings can garner immediate attention, especially if they are different heights or species.
  • Block or enhance a view. To enhance an exterior view, consider placing two identical plants on either side of a window or doorway. Alternatively, to block an unsightly view place a larger plant or tree front of a window, or on a table top in smaller groupings, to hide an unappealing exterior view.
  • Enhance acoustics or muffle sound in a room, especially those with hard surfaces and minimal upholstery. Trees like ficus and fiddle leaf figs are especially effective in absorbing sound waves.
  • Delineate spaces. Plants can act as room dividers, creating smaller, more intimate spaces. They can also be used as portable walls, which can be moved as needed.
  • Add color and interest, as well as perceived value. Research has shown that when plants are present in a shopping area, people perceive the merchandise as having greater value compared to the same merchandise in an area without plants. Ferns, palms, and flowering plants are especially effective in creating a luxurious ambiance.

Here are few design trends we think you will see in 2019:

The return of black.
Look for the use of black paint—in kitchens, on ceilings and walls, on cabinets—providing a perfect background for a pop of color or a contrasting white container.Get the look: 164039, 189013, 149120
Bring nature indoors.
Casual, organic elements that bring the feel of the outdoors inside.Get the look: 315410, 181037, 179033, 168061, 109414
Curves and smooth edges.
A departure from the popular sleek, industrial elements, furniture will soften with curved edges and puffy, comfy upholstery.

Get the look: 318914189050, 318913 

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