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At D&W Silks, one of our goals is to provide you with great new items for you to choose from. We always have you, our customer, in mind when deciding which products to carry. To see what we've added most recently, click on the category link to the right.

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From Effortlessly Sleek to Purposely Casual 

Bring a fresh natural sense to spaces with very low maintenance required.  Enjoy browsing through our wide selection by clicking below.


Succulents have a modern organic feel that bring warmth and freshness to your space.


Stems and Planters


Our modern designs add the finishing touches to contemporary spaces.


Intricately designed to add eye-catching texture to your indoor/outdoor spaces.


Create soothing spaces with a natural look and feel.


Hints of exotic and tropical foliage and blooms.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Planter with a beautiful statement

This planter and silk surprised me with delight. It was the right size. The impression on this planter is on both sides so it sits well on my sofa table with the candles I purchased. You can see it from both sides and nothing is distractive about it by having a “backside”. It is like both sides are the front. Foliage is of great quality and the arrangement is great with assorted “plants that balance the look.

High QUALITY always amazing florals, even custom designs !!

Kbarr M.

Absolutely beautiful work, Every design is hand made!

Sheri H.