Ready to glimmer and shine? Gold’s warm and inviting glow is perfect for the holidays or any time of year. With a rise in popularity of metallic finishes, decorating with gold accents is back in style! Gold has long been the choice of royalty and the rich because of its glamorous, luxurious appeal. But don’t overdo it! Too much gold can verge on tacky. Instead use it sparingly with purposefully placed objects to bring a chic style to any space. One of the easiest ways to introduce the luxe feel of gold to a room is through artificial plant arrangements that feature hints of gold on their containers (see our selections below).
Other simple and inexpensive ways decorate with gold accents:
  • Feature curtains, linens, area rugs, pillows and other fabrics that have hints/accents of gold colors.
  • Paint an accent wall in glimmering gold paint. Or if that is too daring, consider painting furniture, such as a side table or even drawer fronts, in gold paint.
  • Add a simple gold runner to a dining table and pair it with the perfect centerpiece.
  • Change out old kitchen cabinet hardware and curtain rods with new brass hardware, fixtures, and accessories.
  • Create a gallery wall of pictures uniformly framed in gold frames. Mix up the textures, sizes and styles (ornate wood paired with sleek, modern metal) for an eclectic, instantly-appealing arrangement.
  • Incorporate a black lampshade that has a gold lining to light up the room with a warm glow as the light reflects off the golden interior of the shade.
  • Spray paint a yard sale or thrift store finds such as a clock, statue of a horse, sea coral, etc., with matte gold spray paint for a classic understated objet d’art.

Below is a selection of our sumptuous, gold-accented arrangements:

Pink peonies in short glass cylinder with gold stripe (SKU: 181022) Large white peonies in rose gold glass bowl (SKU: 174030)
Large green king proteas with hare’s foot fern in oval cream/gold ceramic (SKU: 189082) Cream cymbidium orchids in white/gold glass vase (SKU: 181032)
Flocked aloe in antique gold ceramic planter – Set of 3 (SKU: 189008) Boston fern in antique gold bowl (SKU: 189021)