Decorating outdoors can be a challenge, especially if spaces are large and undefined, or if the existing landscaping and vegetation are unkempt or sparse. Hiring a landscaper or bringing in live plants is certainly an option… but there is a more convenient and cost-efficient solution.

One of the easiest ways home or business owners can transform outside areas into desirable spaces is with artificial trees, shrubbery and topiaries. Regardless of the climate, artificial alternatives provide ease of installation, carefree maintenance (no pruning or watering needed!) and excellent return on investment due to the fact they can be used again and again.

When sourcing outdoor artificial plants:

  • Seek high-quality, durable alternatives constructed from weather-resistant materials. Make sure the product is backed by an anti-fading warranty.
  • Select designs that are timeless and match natural surroundings. Artificial elements that mimic nature’s imperfections and contain authentic elements (real limbs, for instance) blend into a setting rather than detracting from it.
  • Don’t forget larger screens and privacy hedges that define, living spaces while also obscuring or deflecting from an unsightly view. These are some of our best-sellers!

One of the greatest examples of versatility, the Boxwood Ball topiary, pictured at the top of the page (SKU: 312109), brings a touch of greenery to any outdoor space. As classic and stylish as natural boxwood, the artificial version offers the convenience of sustainability and maintenance.

Boxwood Ball Screen
Unique elements, like a boxwood ball screen in a rectangle planter (SKU:312133), add a bit of frivolity and provide a perfect focal point, all while staying neatly trimmed and green.
Relaxing conversation spaces can be created with interesting designs like a 40″ star succulent (SKU:312800) or 52″ Cycas palms (SKU: 312807) in maintenance-free and all-weather baskets.
Star Succulent
Cedar Trees
These life-like cedar trees (SKU: 312802) soften the hard lines of concrete and brick. Perfect for gated entrances or to define stairs and add emphasis to outdoor fireplaces.
Partition outdoor spaces and shield unsightly views with 4-foot to 6-foot artificial hedges (SKU: 312117). Multiple hedges can also create a wall for a dramatic and creative outdoor space.
Boxwood Hedge