Succulents are “having a renaissance, and have become a decorating staple in boutiques, restaurants, offices and apartments.” —

All it takes is a quick browse around the internet or even your local department store to see that cacti and succulents are all the rage. From festival wear and kitchen ware to more than 5 million posts on Instagram, these prickly, spiny and fleshy plants have not only taken popular culture by storm, they have also become one of the most popular decorating trends today.

Once the iconic symbol of the desert Southwest, cacti and their succulent cousins are now the symbol for carefree, low maintenance living that appeals to a wide variety of tastes and styles. The plants boast such a diverse repertoire of unique shapes, textures and colors, they can be styled to fit almost any home décor from shabby chic, to tropical to urban minimal. And with the trend toward downsizing, their often-miniscule size is perfect for smaller, more compact spaces.

And while the live plants are relatively easy to care for with their resilient nature and minimal need for water, a more economical and versatile alternative for many consumers is to invest in high-quality replicas that are often impossible to tell from the real thing. With artificial succulents and cacti, you can go from low maintenance to no maintenance at all (aside from keeping them clean and dusted), while sacrificing very little in appearance. Many succulents, by their very nature, look a bit like plastic, which makes them easily replicable with high-quality materials. Likewise, well-constructed artificial cacti are so lifelike that you would be hard-pressed to tell if they are real or not; in fact, on some, their ‘spines’ will actually poke your skin!

Some artificial succulents and plants that look particularly life-like are: aloe, burro tail, fiddle leaf figs, air tillandsia, agave, lotus, snake plants, jade plant, aloe, echeveria and mini dracaena. Here is a sampling of our amazingly realistic succulents and cacti:

Both large and small artificial tropical plants can transform a sunroom or outdoor area into a luscious tropical oasis.
Aloe plant with succulent underplanting in round planter (SKU: 318104)
Arrangements that mimic the way succulents naturally grow add instant appeal. Smaller designs add interest to a bedside table or shelf grouping.
Mixed succulents and aloe in wooden ball (SKU: 129066)
Glassy orbs and terrariums are very popular and add an organic, natural feel to any display.
Mixed succulents and agave in a glass bowl. (SKU: 129004)
Succulent displays work well for shabby chic, country or even a more modern urban industrial decor.
Aloe, burro tail and succulents in a corrugated metal vase. (SKU: 169062)
These mini cacti are perfect for smaller spaces, like bathroom shelves or in a dainty tabletop grouping.
Assorted mini cactus in cork planter – set of 3 (SKU: 184052) 
Larger or rectangular displays are perfect as a dining room table centerpiece accompanied by a linen runner. 
Aloe plants with assorted succulents on a wooden log. (SKU: 164007)

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